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white ford

Whiteford National Nature Reserve has a long and interesting history as almost anything but a refuge for wildlife. In the past, parts of it have been a quarry; it has been reclaimed for use as agricultural land; sand has been extracted from it; and it has even been subjected to investigation as a site for coal extraction.

Brynmill park

Meadows Yard Local Nature Reserve is a small site located off Fillyside Road near Seafield. A Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is a place with special, local, natural interest, set up to protect nature so you can enjoy and appreciate it.

Bishop’s Wood is a classic example of limestone woodland, which is relatively rare in Britain. Part of the wood is classified as ancient woodland which means it has been wooded since at least the seventeenth century as indicated in the 1673 survey of Bishopston Manor. Bishop’s Wood Countryside Center lies above Caswell Bay.